Progeny Teams are physical, hungry, and aggressive. The attacking style demands 100% effort and 100% focus. The training that we do in our weight room is brought to the court and translates into an attitude and presence that defines the Progeny Style.

We are unselfish and make the extra pass. We pick each other up after mistakes and recover. We can run the Progeny break in our sleep and play together…executing with the precision of an elite military force.

If you are looking for prima donnas you will need to look somewhere else. Kids that are egotistical, irritable, and have a high opinion of themselves are not Progeny kids.

We respect the game, respect the officials and coaches, and respect ourselves. The ability to control emotions and actions regardless of circumstances sets us apart from other teams. Our body language communicates strength. We have a sense of honor on and off the court. We will never quit.