The Training

Team training consists of the famous “Progeny Gauntlet”, a circuit of exercises designed to build mental toughness.

3368641066_b0be032a61Individual training is done by Shon Bolden. For the past 10 years Shon has been working with the most elite players in the Midwest. He has worked with all levels from 1st grade to professional players. Shon uses a unique style of training to bring out the gift of each player. He is a master professional in the areas of functional movement and skill development.

3425943131_859252dd44We have combined sports, detailed skill and exercise science with performance training to develop potential of each athlete. This means our athletes experience improvement of kinesthetic differentiation, proprieception along with strength and endurance. Assessments, functional screening, program development and prescription along with implementation and follow-up are all included in our programs. All programs are developed using conjugated Periodization and training cycles:

  1. Off Season – Prep Stage (typically 16 weeks)
    1. Working on flexibility, form, tendon and ligament strength, body balance, core strength, conditional of muscles (low weights with high reps)
    2. Core and joint strength (increasing the weight with low reps)
    3. Strength into functional specific body types
    4. Basketball training Skills
  2. Pre-Season = Strength (typically 16 weeks)
    1. Strength Training
    2. Basketball training specific to the court position of the upcoming season
  3. In-Season Training = Power (typically 16 weeks)
    1. Power Training
    2. Basketball training based on viewing of actual game performance
    3. Skill development for those that are not in season
  4. Peak = Max of 3 weeks
    1. Skills Training
  5. Post Season = Active Rest (4 weeks)
    1. Skill development
    2. Kettle bells training, kinesis movement wall training, outdoor interval training