The Progeny Style

3368644854_b0f4e624e1It comes down to an issue of team mentality…a lot of effort and playing with an idea…an aggressive style and a focused approach.

We raise the bar to a level that looks impossible and find a way to get over the bar. We believe the only way to continuously improve is to set increasingly high standards and work hard to achieve them. A band of brothers training together develops bonds that can only develop under severe strain of hard work. Brothers pushing each other to train harder in the weight room and in the gym will not allow each other to accept mediocre results.

3425939585_301c535fd2The work ethic translates into the Progeny style on the floor. Physical, hungry, and aggressive. It’s a process resulting in a wear-down style that sets us apart in tournament time. The Progeny Army training together side by side drives us to a level of commitment where we are playing not for ourselves but for each other.

Energy and effort drive the Progeny style but it also requires extraordinary technique to be successful. We believe that the accumulation of little things is not little.

3425941019_4cfaf572d8We love the underdog…the forgotten players. We love strong kids that we can rev up, turn loose, and watch them through raw effort and determination chew through the competition. We believe these players are the “next step”. They are a new style of player that respects officials, projects strength in body language, controls emotions and actions regardless of the situation, and plans to succeed .  You may to try to imagine the next step but you will only succeed in picturing somebody a good deal better than what you know now. The next step has gone off in a direction you could never have dreamed of. Don’t be surprised if very few people notice it happening.

Like the Spartans we train to be the best and why be bashful about being the best? We know who we are so completely that there’s no way an outsider can understand.