The program exists to provide high quality educational and development opportunities to area kids. Business and time management wisdom is passed down from mentors to hungry high school kids. The top trainers in the area work with kids of all ages and athletic ability to improve their strength, conditioning, flexibility, and sport specific skills. High school kids work with their little brothers to get them through tough times and to keep their head on straight. Tutors strengthen students in the areas where they are weak and encourage excellence in areas where they are already strong. Nutrition and body language classes provide insight into having energy throughout games and all day long at school. Coaches use their relationships with college coaches to give our kids the best possible chance to get scholarships and they will never be held back by their academics. The entire Progeny Family focuses energy on the kids to keep them pointed in the right direction and headed to college.

The program graduates 10 kids each year with both academic and athletic scholarships. These scholarships give kids the one thing nobody ever expected them to haveā€¦options.