Progeny Network

The Progeny Business Network is a group of individuals and businesses that support each other and also support the dreams of the Progeny kids. It gives corporations a chance to provide meaning to their work and to directly impact the lives of the kids in the Indianapolis community. They do not have to look far to see the impact that they are making .

Donations of cash, facilities, property, services, bandwidth, equipment, advertising support, and volunteer time are critical in keeping keep the oxygen flowing to the entire organization.

There are many reasons why individuals and businesses join the Progeny Network. It may be the opportunity to add meaning to what otherwise are simply profits. Individuals enjoy the access to CEOs and business leaders in the Indianapolis community. There is a sense of camaraderie among the members and lively social events. There is a very real business advantage in the strong relationships and the trust that is formed though support of an organization that exists to help our kids.

Some members are former gym rats that love the game and some just love kids. All end up with the Progeny spirit and all find that they grow though their involvement with the Progeny family.