The Progeny family is made up of players, parents, coaches, tutors, mentors, investors, sponsors, and alumni of the program. They all have one common aspiration…to help our kids achieve beyond what anybody thought was possible.

Kids that come into the Progeny family immediately have 109 brothers. High school aged kids have a mentor. The mentors are successful business people in the Indianapolis community. They are able to communicate some key success principles to the kids they work with. The mentors are instrumental in goal setting with the high school kids and holding them accountable for the goals that they put to paper. They can give them a playbook for how to get where they are right now to where they want to be.

Each high school age player has a little brother. He is directly responsible for his little brother both on and off the court. Middle school and elementary kids also have a little brother. These teams of four are sub families within the bigger Progeny family.

The light shines in the darkness. Some of that light is reflected directly on the Progeny family.

Family Members