Inside Progeny Park there is no air-conditioning. There are no cardiovascular machines. There is a power rack and it is not being used for curls. Just outside the weightroom you will encounter “The Cat”. On the cat you may find your character. It is normal to hear shouts and grunts coming from the weightroom. When a team is practicing you can feel the energy from the effort that is being put out. The locker room is dark and resembles a cave.

JFK gave a speech in the gym in 1960. The gym was finished in 1900 and is one of the oldest gyms in the state. It has a history of big games. Just after World War II the local Southside Turners team beat the University of Louisville here. It was the hottest thing in the city. This nostalgia and sense of history gives Progeny Park character.

There are no tournaments held here. The Park is for training a new category of players. There is a group of people training here in a way that you are not.