Christmas Presents – Good Reasons Why You Should Buy A Chess Set for Your Child

Click here to read the article. “There Are Good Reasons Why You Should Buy Chess Set for Your Child”

“The number one reason buying a chess set for your own child is a fantastic idea is because it will have a good impact on him/her and because, upon learning how to play this game, your child will learn how to think strategically. This is going to be thinking that’s beyond school. This is going to be deeper level thinking. Your child is going to learn how to strategize which helps in real life when you have to brainstorm for solutions, for example.”

“Not only will your child learn how to be strategic with a chess set, he/she will also learn a great deal about thinking ahead. In chess it’s necessary to contemplate cause and effect. If you move a piece how is that going to affect your opponent and then how will that affect your ability to move forward for the next couple of turns? Those are the questions a chess player is always thinking about when playing chess. Isn’t that a good reason to get your child a chess set?”

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