Stealing Hoosiers

“Good artists copy, great artists steal”. -Picasso

We are now working with the construction planners and architects to design what the Progeny Center will look like (you will be able to see the floor plans and elevations at the team banquet on November 4). Since we want the facility to be a work of art…part of the design process is seeing the good ideas that other designers have come up with.

The foundation has an invite to visit the Hoosiers’ new 25,000 square foot weight room (the largest in the nation) and the 22,000 square foot academic support center. Both are located in the new north end zone at Memorial Stadium.


If you are interested in joining us on the trip to Bloomington contact Coach D.

Our last visit was to the Center for Leadership Development…where we came up with lots of ideas for the library and classrooms.


We’ll post the pics and video from our travels as we look at different facilities.