Sam Cooper Shows You How To Fly

At the first Progeny basketball tryout Sam Cooper was the first kid to walk in the gym. After we got his name we looked though our notes and sure enough we had seen his high school team play. We had a scribble next to his name on the program.

“Hustler… Dove all over the floor”

He was hungry to be better and these are the kids we love. He does not argue calls with officials. He respects the game. He has never had a problem with coaches or teammates. He does something you rarely see…he blocks out and plays defense. He has been our best on-the-ball defender for two years and the guy we consistently ask to shut down the opponent’s best scorer. He has earned a reputation as a stopper. He is tough.

Sam understands that if your goal is to be a good high school player you will make decisions from that perspective…but if you are aiming at playing at a very high level in college then you will make different decisions. You have to be a completely different person…and you have to surround yourself with positive minded people that are capable of helping you get from where you are now to where you want to be. At the close of the summer season we worked together with Sam to come up with an off-season program to move him to another level and to help him to meet his goals.

He has been working Monday – Thursday at Progeny Park with trainers Shon Bolden and Reese Neely. He has increased his strength, improved his shooting through thousands of reps on the gun, improved his post game and ball handling, and has increased his vertical jumping ability. He’s met his goals and he goes into the high school season in as good of shape as he can be.

We measured his vert at 29 inches at the end of the summer. He’s been through the wars this fall with the trainers and the Super Cat and the now famous Mike Tyson workout. His last vertical measurement was 34 inches. This is only the start for Sam who is junior this year. Don’t bet against Sammy. He’s going to outwork everybody and finish on the top of the heap.

What do you do with 5 extra inches of vert? Take a look.

A final thought…from the Gym Jones training site.

“If your goal is important – and you work as hard as you possibly can, pay attention every hour of every day and then maybe, maybe if you’ve done enough and been smart enough you’ll emerge from the muck of mediocrity to shine a bit brighter than you shone before. Then, upon reflection you might decide your goal is a bit more important so you’ll start paying attention every minute of every hour of every day. You’ll find people who are better than you and you’ll take an empty cup when you meet them. Their example will destroy or inspire you and if it’s the latter you may stay and learn. You might imitate, doing as they do because you’ve already accepted that you do not know best – if you did you’d be leading the group they were trying to join. Perhaps being exposed to their superior ability will drive you to work harder than you thought possible, or necessary. Maybe you’ll overcome your self-imposed (or worse, society-imposed) limitations and shine even more brightly. Wow, you’re getting it: positive reinforcement for hard work and suffering. So maybe you give your goal even more significance and you begin cutting away the ideas and the expectations and the people who you believe prevent you from achieving it. Now you begin paying attention every second of every minute of every hour of every day, and you sustain your awareness for weeks and months at a time. You’re the biggest fish in the pond. Now you have options.”