We’re always chasing after so many things. We forget that no external thing or accomplishment can make us happy (yes even the NBA). That’s not how it works.

Here’s David Vaughn’s story. He was one of the top prep players in the class of 1991. He made it to the top and crashed. He’s a happier and more importantly a better person…without the NBA.

They have little money, but they never have been happier. He thinks back to the ’90s when he played in the NBA, living large and acting wild like a child with too many quarters in an arcade.

“If I had any advice for the young guys coming into the league today, it’s prepare for a future beyond basketball. If you’re not careful, everything can disappear.”

You can appear to have everything and live a life of little value. On the other hand you can appear to have nothing and live a life of infinite value.

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NBA Washout David Vaughn Back From The Depths of Despair