Look into the future

How will we graduate 10 kids every year with academic and athletic scholarships?

By thinking big.

I think anybody can talk big about being a great ballplayer. With enough time and energy you could be a one sided gym rat with all the skills and athletic tools to be successful at basketball. I think that’s pretty common. You can find those kids everywhere you look. From years of experience I can tell you that mentality leads to a bad place.

We’re thinking much bigger than that. How about being successful in life. We’re interested in class and strength of character. We’re interested in living generous lives that are centered on Christian principles.

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We’re in the planning stage for our new facility. While the gym and weightroom will be second to none the heart and soul will be the academics. The future will look something like this.

Take some time to think about our amazing kids and the potential that they have. What will they look like as a group on graduation day?