Late Night Training at Progeny Park

Late night at Progeny Park…Reese Neely dishes out a lesson in The Progeny Style to Sam Cooper. The Progeny Style is physical, hungry, and aggressive. We love the underdog…the forgotten players. We love strong kids that we can rev up, turn loose, and watch them through raw effort and determination chew through the competition.

Sam will play this one on one series throughout the fall. He’s 6-4 and can jump out of the gym but he will not win a single game. In each loss he will get a little tougher. He is doing jump training, working on the supercat, suffering through endless Tyson squats, putting up thousands of shots, becoming functionally stronger, and working through individual workouts with Reese Neely and Shon Bolden.

The accumulation of little things is not little. His game has improved drastically. Somebody will say that he was an overnight success. He will know better.

What did you do this off-season to improve? Are you doing everything you can to be the best possible player and person that you can be? Are you surrounded by people that can take you there?

The light shines in the darkness.