Progeny Defeats Spiece Indy Heat in Playoffs

Last night Thomas Sanders showed the kind of heart and big play potential we knew he had in the tank. Down two points he took a pass from Ron Patterson, showed a hard dribble to the basket, and off the stepback let it fly from 3 with time running out. It was nothing but net. The one point victory moves Progeny to the final four next week.

It was a great game for the fans including highlight reel athleticism from Steven Jamison and a dunk from Ron Patterson that they’re going to be talking about for awhile. Big D was solid again and it was a great team effort all around.

Spiece opened the game effectively with a number of set plays. Progeny brought the high effort, hustle, full court presses, and athleticism that define the “Progeny Style”. The game was “beautifully chaotic”.