Progeny 4th Grade Wins MYBT National Championship in Louisville

Teams from Louisville, Tennessee, West Virginia, and Alabama squared off at the Midwest Youth National Tournament Saturday and Sunday in Louisville.

Progeny wins the MYBT national championship. Highlights of the games are below.


Tennessee– Titus McCoy – was the floor general in the game, distributing the ball to teammates for easy scoring opportunities. Anthony Dumes – was a beast, as always, causing over 6 deflections and over 4 steals in our 2-21 press. Anthony Yarbrough – continues to improve, he was a great help on the boards grabbing rebounds and looking for the outlet, also running the floor to get in a good scoring position on the blocks.

Kentucky Elite– Anthony Dumes once again, grabbing rebounds going coast to coast and scoring at will and looking for open team mates. Meteo Rivera aka. Cheezy continued helping the team out with solid ball handling and great on the ball defense creating over 3 turnovers. Aaron Henry was all over the floor creating havoc for the opposing team. His great defense in the press causing two, 10 seconds calls, 3 deflections, and a couple of steals, helped us to some easy baskets. Bailey Bennett was a big help to the team with his rebounding skills, hard work and determination to never give up. Bailey grabbed some critical rebounds in this game to help ensure that we held the other team to one shot and out.


Team Blaze– Anthony Terrell uses his size and quickness to blow by defenders with ease and distribute the ball like he was a mailman delivering mail. Bailey Bennett – Was a beast on the boards again, running the floor after his outlet passes lead him to have some easy scores. Cobie Dillard really had it going on, this one, he shot the lights out, knocked down 3-three point shots, finished with 15 points and another great job handling the ball playing mostly in the first half. Eric played very solid defense and got to the basket at will finishing one layup weaving through 2 defenders with a Julius Erving reversal. Eric is continually expanding his offensive game and he’s not just a lockdown on ball defender anymore. Progeny Wins: Final Score 37-7

ISSA Elite – Progeny got up early in this contest 13-4 with great defense in our 2-2-1 press, with Titus, Aaron, Cobie, and Anthony D all converting on steals and layups. Temporarily Progeny lost focus in this contest. Big Chris was feeling ill most of the game and we found ourselves without our primary option when we want to pound the ball inside to our Dominant Center. We ended up being down 22 – 16 with 6 minutes left in the game. Cobie Dillard began to take over the game with a burst of 6 straight points and our press began to wear on ISSA causing them to turn the ball over 3 or 4 times in a row. Coach Doc asked Chris if he felt he could give us anything for the last 5 minutes of the game. When Big Chris checked in the game, he came in with a determination that showed his other teammates that he would not fail. Chris hit 2 big shots and was fouled on another attempt converted both free throws that sealed the deal. Dumas, Aaron, Titus and Anthony Y, all played exceptionally well in the comeback. This team is really beginning to show it can “Weather a Storm.” It doesn’t matter if this team gets down, because this team WILL NOT QUIT. Final Score Progeny wins: 37 – 31

Alabama Cougars– Our press with Titus and Cobie leading the charge and Aaron and Anthony at half court, we made several deflections and steals to the tune of a 10 – 2 opening lead. Aaron and Anthony looked like Free Safeties on a football field the way they anticipated and took away passes from Alabama. We got too relaxed during the later part of the 1st half and began to relinquish our lead. The Alabama team cut the lead to 14 – 12 at half time. Coach Doc and I saw a few holes in the Alabama half court defense and we began to exploit it immediately in the beginning of the second half to the tune of a 12 – 0 run, which gave us a 26 – 14 lead. Titus, Cobie, Anthony D, Chris, Aaron, and Cheezy all hit shots, which demonstrates the unselfishness and ball movement that makes up Progeny Basketball. We were able to rest all of our starters with about 5 minutes left in the game. The reserves came in and closed the deal. Lil Anthony took care of the ball and Eric, Bailey, and Anthony Y moved the ball and hit layups to close it out. Progeny Wins 34-19.


Indy Storm– Titus McCoy – Was not going to be denied this championship beginning with a pep talk with his teammates. Telling them ” this is our tournament, this is our nationals, and the trophy belongs to Progeny”. Titus began the game with a fire in his eye like I have only seen in few players, he started the game off driving straight to the bucket never taking a jump shot but only lay ups were acceptable to him. The team’s first eight points came off of Titus’s determination to get to the basket. The ball handling he displayed and the leadership of the team is something most kids don’t develop until middle or high school if ever. Titus handled the first half and then handed the reigns over to his teammate Anthony Dumes.

Anthony Dumes – when you see him play he looks like a man among boys but this kid is only 10 years old. Once the second half began Dumes took over, grabbing over 10 rebounds, creating over 5 deflections and over 5 steals. Dumes was a monster on the defensive end he did not allow anyone to make an easy shot and if they came into the paint they left with second thoughts of ever doing that again as long as he was in the game. Normally Dumes is a kid that does not show emotions but late in the second overtime they called a rebounding foul on Dumes and he was hot, so upset that he slams the ball down and his eyes started to water. The coaching staff quickly rushed to his aid to calm him down. We could see the fire and determination in his eyes so we told Dumes to win the game and let’s go home.

Indy Storm made two free throws which brought the game 56 to 54 Progeny up with about 20 seconds to go in the game. The ball was passed to Dumes on the baseline and you could see that he was headed straight to the other end to score. He weaved his way through their press as if the other team’s players were practice cones on the floor, left then right as he speeded down the floor there was one player that could stop him you could hear a pin drop in the building as Dumes went up for the lay-up you would have thought he had spring in his legs as he jumped so hi as to ensure his shot would not be blocked. In order to have blocked that lay-up the kid would have had to have been about 5’6″ to even be close, you heard an eruption from the crowd and the referee whistle. No words ever sounded so sweet when the referee said “foul basket is good 1 shot”. As Dumes look over to the bench with tears in his eyes I told him knock this down and let’s go HOME! Titus and Anthony D. literally willed us to the victory and all of the other boys fed off of it, Chris played tough throughout with little rest in the game. Cobie knocked down big shots and played great defense, Cheezy grabbed offensive rebounds and took care of the balls, Anthony Y gave their guards fits with his defense and he hits his layups, Eric handled the ball nicely and broke their press. Aaron hit big buckets down the stretch and was just a monster on Defense, this was a team Victory and Championship. “Big ups” to all of our boys for their dedication, commitment, and focus in playing 7 games really over 2 days to bring home the trophy. Great Job! Progeny Wins: Final Score 59-54